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Friday, December 12, 2008

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Hi guys check out our sapphire forum.
if you guys have free tym post a threat there...
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Friendly Match with Stealers

Hello peeps! Haha I'm back yo!.. Sorry its been quite awhile I didn't update the blog. But anyways, I've got some news to update. Read on..

Yesterday (11/11/2007) we had a match against Stealers of Miri. Knights had the 1st match with the male Stealers at 0800hrs. The weather as so damn hot! It was a tough game because they played well. Its a tight game and the score was 7 to 8, Knights won. They played 7 innings and ended around 1000hrs. I only took some shots, but if you wanna see some pretty good shots, visit Gbob's website at www.ichinoseworld.blogspot.com.

After the guys played, we (Sapphire) played against the female Stealers. We invited 3 ladies from Cougars to play with us since we don't have enough players. Initially the weather was fine but in the middle of playing it started to rain. We only played 3 innings because the rain was getting heavier. They played well and won the match. I don't know the score since there was no scorer.

After the game we had lunch, prepared by Mimie. Good food yea.. Heheh. Okay, I'll try to put some pictures soon.. Kumpul-kumpul dulu gambar. Sorry guys simple saja my blog. But keep on visiting yea?.. It means alot to me.. Aisehhh! Bah adios amigos!


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